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New Piggies, Emergency Rescue

17th June 2022


These two boys were abandoned on the moors in a cardboard box  on the hottest day of the year. They are luckily recovering now with us here at Milhaven. 

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New Piggies


13th June 2022


Five new, young piggies joined us today, 3 boys and 2 girls. All are needing some minor treatment and TLC and the girls will need to complete the full pregnancy watch as there is a good chance of them being pregnant even though they are only little more than babies themselves. Hopefully the boys will be available for adoption soon. 


Brand New Update!


12th June 2022


Yes, finally the 'Latest News' page is back after 10 years! We had switched to our Facebook page for the past 10 years (the latest news page ran for 5 years until then!) but have recently made the page into a private group due to numerous problems. Please feel free to click on the link on the side bar should you be interested in joining the group. For all those not on Facebook you can now catch up here as we will update regularly. We have left some of the old posts on here so you can see how little things have changed in the rescue! 




19th Dec. 2012

We are now closed for appointments over the Christmas holidays. We re-open on 3rd January 2013. Obviously we shall still be able to take in emergency cases and will be keeping the news page updated.


Thank you to everyone who have sent Christmas cards, gifts for the piggies, gifts from the Amazon wishlist and who have donated money to help over our busiest time. We shall ensure that all the piggies in the rescue have a fantastic Christmas and will receive a few treats in their stockings!


One of the girls who came into the rescue pregnant and already nursing a litter has given birth to an amazing 6 babies today. We are very relieved and happy that everything went well and we are so proud of mummy pig, well done little Teresa.


Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas from all of us here at Milhaven.


Two New Piggies


17th Dec 2012

Today we welcome two lovely young boys into the rescue. They are in great health and will be available for adoption as a pair after their two week mandatory quarantine. 



7th Dec. 2012

We shall be closing for appointments from Thursday 20th December and will re-open on Thursday 3rd January 2013.


May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has adopted our piggies, sponsored our long term residents and supported us throughout 2012. Your support means a lot to us and the whole world to our rescued guinea pigs. You are all fabulous!


We are hoping just a few more of our piggies can find their happy ever after in 2012, what an amazing Christmas present that would be for them. Fingers crossed!



More Piggies Join Us


5th Dec. 2012

Today we welcome 12 new piggies into the rescue. These are all young piggies, some just tiny babies, and are all currently settling in and receiving minor treatment. Hopefully some of these piggies will be available for adoption in pairs in the coming weeks.


Six Piggies Join us


24th Nov. 2012

Milhaven welcomes 6 new piggies, all currently settling in and receiving lots of TLC. Two of these lovely piggies were left in a garden, in a filthy hutch, for weeks after the owner had abandoned them. Luckily a kind hearted neighbour fed the piggies and ensured they were safe with us once she realised that they had been left behind. They are extremely underweight and malnourished but we are hoping that with lots of extra care they will pull through their horrendous ordeal.



Sponsorship Piggies


16th Nov. 2012

We have now added a few more of our long term piggies to our sponsorship page, please take a look. Photos will be coming very soon!




14th Nov. 2012

Over the past couple of weeks we have been very busy at Milhaven. We have taken in 4 piggies who were abandoned and were in need of lots of TLC and a single girl who had been left outside for days in a soggy cardboard box, right beside a busy road. This poor little girl was so underweight and dehydrated that she has taken round the clock care to get her back on track. All these piggies are now receiving the care they desperately needed and are doing well.



Our total number of piggies is still very high and we are hoping some of our healthy pairs of bonded piggies, looking for their forever homes, can find their 'happy ever after' soon.


With Christmas fast approaching we are at our busiest time of the year, sadly many, many piggies are abandoned and neglected over the cold winter months, often unwanted Christmas presents. Our costs increase dramatically over the winter with the added heating costs, food and veterinary care increase and extra hay, we are always so greatful of any help especially at this time of year so please do take a look at the 'How you can help us' page.


Thank you all for your continued support.



More Piggies Join Us


29th Oct. 2012

Today we welcome 7 piggies into the rescue, we have 3 boys and 4 girls. All are receiving minor treatment and settling in. Once they complete the mandatory quarantine/ assessment period they will hopefully be paired with a friend and be available for adoption.


New Piggies


27th Oct. 2012

Milhaven welcomes two lovely boys today. We have named these two Skittles and Flapjack, they are around 16 months of age and will hopefully be ready to pair with a friend each and be available for adoption soon. They are now settling in and receiving lots of TLC.


And Another Two!


19th Oct. 2012

Today we welcome yet two more girls into the rescue. We have named these two Ella and Lani, they are around 2 and 1/2 and are lovely girls. They will need to complete the mandatory quarantine period and then hopefully they will be available for adoption very soon.

This brings our total to over the 100 mark and we are now full. There is a waiting list for piggies needing to join us.


Two More Girls Join Us


18th Oct. 2012

Today we welcome two older piggies into Milhaven. These girls are 5 years old and will most likely spend their retirement with us. We have named these lovely ladies Martha and Nora. They are now settling in and working their way through a huge pile of fresh hay!


New Girls


17th Oct. 2012

Today we welcome four lovely young girls into the rescue. They are all having some minor treatment and settling in and will hopefully be available for adoption soon. We have named these lovely ladies Antoinette, Madeleine, Larissa and Minette.


Very Sad News


15th Oct. 2012

We have had a very sad day at the rescue today as Suzy, one of our long term residents and sponsor piggies, has passed away. It was very quick and totally unexpected and we are shocked and upset to lose such an important member of the Milhaven family. RIP lovely girl, you will be greatly missed by us all.




14th Oct. 2012

Well, here we are into Autumn already, hasn't the year flown by? We have been so very busy here at Milhaven this year that I never seem to have a minute for adding latest news to the website so I thought an update was in order!


Yesterday, two lovely older girls joined us, we have named them Lois and Claire, they are 3-4 years old and are lovely, friendly girls who have sadly needed rescue space due to allergies. They are settling in well and I'm sure it won't be long before they are ready for adoption.


The little boy that joined us at the beginning of August in a very bad way is now recovering very well. Evan came to us at deaths door and we truely expected him not to survive past the first night. I was determined to give him the very best chance and after the first week of 24 hour care, syringe feeding, medicating and changing bandages he had stopped fitting. (He was having seizures up to 20 times a day from the pain). After a few more weeks of round the clock care his hair started to grow back and his open wounds were healing. I am thrilled to say that he has now been able to move from complete isolation into the 'hospital' wing with the other piggies and is piling on the weight and doing fantastic. I am so proud of him and extremely glad my efforts paid off, giving up on him was certainly never an option!


Our numbers are ever increasing, we are now back up to almost 100 with more on the waiting list. As the weather gets colder more and more piggies are abandoned outdoors and we never seem to be able to get below 100. We have rehomed lots of lucky piggies this year though, to many wonderful new homes, and we are extremely greatful that people are looking to rescue rather than buy from breeders and pet shops. Its such a rewarding thing to do to offer a loving home to rescued piggies rather than line the pockets of breeders and shops, every penny that comes into the rescue goes right back into the care of our piggies and enables us to help those in desperate need.


We are extremely thankful to all those who have donated this year, and bought items from our shop, it really helps us such a lot. Our rescue receives no government funding at all and every penny comes from fundraising and our own pocket. It does cost extensively to care for so many piggies, we go through 2 sacks of dried food a week, 2 bales of hay a week, 4 bales of shavings a week, tons of veggies every day and thats not including heating bills, medications, administration costs and of course the all important veterinary bills, last months vet bill alone was in excess of £600. We do have an amazon wishlist which is a fantastic way to help us, please do take a look, Click here for details. 


As the weather is getting colder, please remember to ensure your piggies are receiving the correct care.  Please remember that piggies live happiest in conditions that we do, so if its too cold for you then its too cold for your piggies.


Finally, a quick reminder that our 2013 calendar is now on sale via the shop page with all proceeds going towards our winter heating and vet funds. Please take a look, they will make a lovely Christmas gift.


Joanne xxx







New Piggies Join Us


20th Sept. 2012

Over the past few days we have welcomed 10 piggies into the rescue. 9 boys and 1 girl, all settling in and receiving lots of TLC. Hopefully some of these piggies will be available for adoption soon. This brings our total to back over 100 and we have a list of piggies waiting to join us.





A Very Busy Day!


22nd Aug. 2012

Today we welcome 25 piggies into the rescue! 7 from one residence and 18 from another. This brings our total to 131, which is our highest ever number. However, some of these piggies (11) will be moving to other high standard rescues in different parts of the country, over the next few days. This will bring our total to 120 which is our absolute maximum and we have a waiting list of piggies waiting to join us.

We will not be taking any more piggies in now until some of the healthy ones available for adoption have found their forever homes.


Three Little Pigs


10th Aug. 2012

A couple of days ago we welcomed in a lovely little piggy who is in a very bad way. This poor little chap is very, very ill and is requiring round the clock treatment. We have all our fingers crossed that he pulls through his horrendous injuries and condition due to neglect.


Today we welcome two lovely 2 year old sisters who happily appear to be very healthy. They will hopefully be available for adoption together once they have completed the mandatory quarantine and pregnancy watch  period.



New Piggies


3rd Aug 2012

Today we welcome 10 piggies to Milhaven. They are all settling in and receiving lots of TLC. This brings our total up to over 100, making us full to bursting. We now have a waiting list of piggies waiting to join us.


New 2013 Calendars Now Available!


29th July 2012

We now have our 2013 calendars ready for sale, in plenty of time for Christmas! These full colour calendars are lovely and feature our rescued piggies each month. The wall calendar also features text. All proceeds from these calendars go right back to the care of our piggies and they make a super gift. The free standing desk calendars are £5.99 each including P&P and the wall calendars are £10.99 each including P&P. Payment is by paypal, please take a look at our 'shop' page for how to order!


These calendars both feature Rambo, our beautiful long term resident and sponsorship piggy who sadly passed away yesterday. A very fitting tribute to a very special piggy, we are thrilled we had these calendars printed before we lost him, his memory will now live on.



New Piggies


29th July 2012

Today we welcome back two girls who were adopted early this year. These girls are back with us due to an unexpected move abroad. They are lovely girls and are in excellent health so will be available for adoption as soon as they have completed the mandatory quarantine period.


A Very Sad Day


28th July 2012

We are absolutely devastated today as Rambo, one of our long term residents and sponsorship piggies, has passed away. Gorgeous Rambo was our biggest piggy at 1.8kg and was a gentle giant, loved by all who had the pleasure of meeting him. He will be very much missed here and we take comfort in the knowledge that he crossed over rainbow bridge peacefully. RIP big man, things won't be the same without you x




New Boys


20th July 2012

Today we welcome two lovely boys of around 18 months old. They are settling in well and completing quarantine before hopefully being ready for rehoming together as a pair.


A Massive Thank You


19th July 2012

We would like to say a massive thank you to Janet who held the table top sale on Saturday for Milhaven. We are extremely greatful for the fantastic donation (and all the much needed towels!) which will be put to very good use, the donation will be used for our ongoing vet fees to help all our poorly piggies. We really appreciate all your hard work and support.


Two New Piggies


14th July 2012

Today we welcome two lovely young piggies. One boy and one girl who were living together, the little girl is now on pregnancy watch. They will now be receiving lots of TLC and hopefully they will be available for adoption in the near future.



New Piggies