Guinea Pig Holiday Boarding


Milhaven Guinea Pig Rescue are now offering guinea pig holiday boarding in our purpose built, heated piggy house. Boarding piggies are kept entirely separate from the rescue guinea pigs and we can ensure they have a very warm welcome and a happy stay here at Milhaven. 


We are fully insured and have a small number of 4 x 2 C&C indoor cages for pairs of piggies (or single piggies) and a larger C&C pen which can hold up to 4 guinea pigs. All of our cages are lined with fleece and are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests using veterinary grade products. Burgess nuggets, quality hay and veggies are included. 


Our very reasonable charges are per day (or part day) and we can accommodate short visits or longer stay guests. We look forward to welcoming your piggies and making their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 


Charges are £5 per cage  per day (or part day). Or £8 per day (or part day) for the larger pen. A £10 non refundable deposit is required upon booking, which will be taken off the balance. The remaining balance will be payable upon checking the piggies in. 


Should you be interested in booking your piggies in for boarding please email to check availability.