Guinea Pig Health Checks


Milhaven Guinea Pig Rescue are now offering piggy health checks by appointment. You can observe as we give your piggy a thorough health check, trim nails, check and clean boar bits & ears. You can make these sessions an occasional or regular part of your guinea pigs routine should you feel a little unsure of doing it all yourself. The checks are helpful and informative and will ensure your piggy/piggies are always in tip top  condition. Health checks are £5 per piggy.   


Guinea Pig Spa Session


For guinea pigs who require bathing and extensive grooming we offer the ''spa session'' where your guinea pig will receive all of the benefits of the health check plus bathing and grooming, especially useful if the piggy has mats or knots. Your piggy will be left with us from 10 am to 1pm. Spa sessions are quite time consuming so are £10 per piggy. 



To book your piggy in for a health check or spa session please email and we shall email you within 24 hours with availability.



Thank you!